The 1 Year Mark – The Year in Review and 2013 Goals

Well, we’ve officially been “experimenting” with homesteading for one year. ONE. WHOLE. YEAR. {wow}

We had incredible set backs this year: an unexpected move and an even more unexpected injury to our youngest child. Along with that, I’ve gone back to work. So as I sat down to contemplate what we accomplished this year, I didn’t think we’d done much. But then I went back to my wish list. I began to realize that we had done pretty well all things considered.

Our accomplishments this year:

  • We planted a garden in our raised garden beds, herb garden, laundry basket potatoes, and other various containers and had a pretty decent yield of vegetables and herbs.
  • I found a huge stockpile of canning jars and rings, a water bath canner, AND a food dehydrator at a our local thrift store. Jackpot!
  • We located some local suppliers for u-pick berries and apples and bought a boatload.
  • Along with some great purchases from our local farmers market, I was able can, freeze, air dry, and dehydrate quite a lot of herbs and vegetables.
  • I also found a local supplier for honey. YUM!
  • I now make our own bread, yogurt, and laundry detergent (when I can…just keeping it honest).
  • We’ve purchased a composter and have it doing it’s thing for next planting season.
  • We have a good system for recycling (that “system” being a 5-year-old boy who is responsible for the recycle bin).

Our goals for 2013:

  • Learn how to make our own soap
  • Build a greenhouse to lengthen our growing season
  • Plant a strawberry patch of our own and maybe a couple berry bushes – maybe?
  • Increase the size of our in-ground garden
  • Purchase or build a rain water barrel to collect the rain water for our garden
  • Purchase a half of cow from a local supplier
  • Purchase an upright freezer so we can more successfully stockpile said meat

We’ll continue to post as we continue on this journey, and as we learn new things – both the good and the bad.

Until then, we pray your holiday season is full of joy, laughter, and special memories made with your family. That is, after all, why we choose the simple life!

Happy Homesteading from our family to yours!


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