The “Chef’s” {that’s me!} Herb Garden

Remember this post from last year? Well I decided it wasn’t big enough so my project today is to plant this year’s PLUS figure out how I want to expand my herb garden. Hmmm…

The Homestead Experiment

I love herbs. I love cooking with herbs.  I love tea made with herbs. I love smelling herbs. I love herbs.

Since I have a slight obsession with herbs, it was positively necessary to plant some herbs.

I also have a slight obsession with Pinterest. And, uh, don’t forget that I’m not off the grid. I’m a modern-day homesteader! I even have a homesteading board! {grin}

Anyhoo, I found a great pin on how to make an herb container out of some galvanized buckets and decided that was my answer. The pin utilized 3 rather large buckets, but since I wanted to start small(ish), I chose one rectangular bucket, and one regular bucket for my project.

Hubs had to help me puncture holes in the bottom of the buckets. I’m a little girly that way.

And once we had that done, I simply had to put one bucket into the…

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