Our “Off-the-Grid” Homestead Experiment

If you’ve been a part of the homesteading scene for very long, you learn that there are “categories” among us: small homesteaders, large homesteaders, rural and urban homesteaders, homesteaders that live off-the-grid, and those that don’t. And if you’ve been around here for very long, you know that we don’t live off-the-grid right now, and we never plan to change that. But we thought it would be a good practice in understanding the roots of homesteading and did an electricity-free weekend. So we decided to go camping at  Heartland Retreat Center.  This campground has an Outdoor education program that is the best I’ve ever seen, bar none.

Well, after us city-slickers managed to get our tent up we had a great time of fun, learning, and freezing (it was 33 degrees our first night…this city-girl seriously considered packing up and leaving!!!)

We learned about our “edible backyard.”

Yes – that’s grasshoppers frying over the fire. And this is me

The retreat center staff taught us about tracking animal prints.

Early homesteaders skills like weaving, candle-dipping, cooking over a fire, and rope-making.


And we learned about long-rifles and tomahawk throwing – means of protection and provision.

What an insanely fun time we had! It was so educational. We walked away with such great respect for early homesteaders who worked hard to make a living from the land. We do this by choice. They did it just to survive.

And we determined that off-the-grid homesteading is NOT for us.

It’s the (sub)urban homesteaders life for me! 😉

Happily Homesteading!


P.S. Is this point at which I admit I never ate that grasshopper? Couldn’t do it…just couldn’t do it. ICK!

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