Good or Bad?

These are critters we’ve observed around the homestead this week. We’re pretty clueless, so we’re asking our readers and fellow homesteaders:

These spotted beetle-thingy’s  (yes, I just called them “thingy’s”) are clearly eating our green bean plants to the point of death. Any idea what they are? And what do I do about in them in the future?

These caterpillars are hanging out on my parsley plant. Should I let ’em stay?

And these…well, we have no idea. They are on our back sliding glass door. We first noticed what looked like eggs, and today we noticed they had…hatched? Ahhhh!

So, what say ye? Good or bad???

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4 thoughts on “Good or Bad?

  1. The first ones are bean bugs they look like yellow or green lady bugs and they are SO ANNOYING I put organic pesticide on them otherwise they eat the whole bean, ugh!!! The second caterpillar thing I have for the first tiime this year in my carrots…. I let them be I guess we will see llove ya heather

  2. The caterpillars ‘look’ like what used to hang out on our dill plants when I was little. They would then turn into monarchs. We never grew parsley so I don’t know if they eat that or not, but I think I’d let them stay. If you have dill plants you might relocate them there. As I said they look like what we used to have but who knows.

  3. The first one is a spotted cucumber beetle, although they eat pretty much anything-beans, cukes, corn silks. I squish or put DE on them, but they’re tough to stay ahead of. The second is a swallow tail caterpillar. They eat parsley, carrots, dill, etc. But the eating stage is short lived, the butterflies are beautiful so I just leave them alone. The 3rd looks like mosquito larvae?? Was that in water?

    • Well I gave up on the beans for this year. They’re beyond salvageable. I’ll remember that for next year.

      The third pic was (note the past-tense) on my sliding glass door. We don’t have water nearby. I dunno…strange-looking, to be sure.

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