We Finally Got Our Garden Planted!

Well, if you keep up with The Homestead Experiment you know we got a new homestead. And while we’re thankful to have found a new place, we were moving the first of summer, which put us behind on planting. But we finally got it done! And boy have our plants taken off!

The biggest endeavor was, by far, getting our raised beds prepped and planted. Now, remember we don’t have your traditional beds. Because we live in a rental situation, we didn’t want to plow up the whole back yard to plant a garden. I posted during the winter months how I found the perfect solution: waist high raised beds! Jim over at Triple Braided Farm Products custom-made two of these beauties for us so we could still garden and not kill the grass–thereby making our landlord happy. Jim was incredible to work with as he made them to be a comfortable height for me (let’s just say I’m slightly vertically-challenged. *ahem*). You need to contact him before the season is said and done, I’m telling ya!

The first thing we did was line the beds with a landscapers cloth:

We figured this would help contain the dirt. We just stapled it to the wood frame.

Then we filled the boxes with dirt, and planted. All of the seedlings we had previously planted from seed died. So we had to go buy starter plants from our local nursery. Since it was late in the season, we had a limited selection, but we decided to put cucumbers, sweet peas, onions, yellow squash, and zucchini in our two beds. Here’s what the beds look like 3 weeks later.

Everyone say it together now… “holy macaroni!!”  These plants are growing! 🙂 We can’t believe it! And do you see those yellow flowers peeking out?? Woo-hoo! {insert snoopy dance here}

What’s starting to flower in your garden? We’d love to hear about it!

We’re back it…Happily Homesteading!


6 thoughts on “We Finally Got Our Garden Planted!

  1. that is neat I love that! I planted a garden but the moles decided it was theirs. So now we are doing a CSA. I still have 2 tomato plants (that were in planters) so we might get tomatoes.

    • Drat those moles! I have seen some bunnies hanging around my yard. I just know they’re plotting how to get up into my planters! ;0) No success yet, tho.

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