Our New Homestead!!

We’re still alive, folks. And we’ve got a new homestead!! We’re relatively settled in now so I thought I’d share just a couple of pics.

It’s got all kinds of usable landscaping on the side of the house in which to plant goodies! (It’s a little out of control right now, huh? I need to learn how and when to prune roses. Anyone??)

And it’s got a great backyard, too!

See those plant-less pots? They’re waiting for something to go in there! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do next!  I’ll fill you in on what I did in our next post!

Happily Homesteading (again)!



One thought on “Our New Homestead!!

  1. Yay! for a new place to call home…a new place to make as your homestead! Moving in it’s self is a lot of work!!! We know we moved about 6 months ago out of state so it’s nice to get settled and back into the grove of homesteading in a new place!

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