On the move…

Today has been “Git ‘er Done Day!” I’ve made 2 loaves of bread, a batch of crackers, 2 dozen waffles, hard-boiled eggs, homemade pasta, and tapioca pudding.

All this while packing boxes. Yep – you heard that right: packing. boxes.{sigh}

So here’s the long and short of it: we recently received notice from our landlord that they were raising the rent on our rental property. Not willing to pay the higher price, we’ve been frantically looking for a new “homestead.”  We’ve found a new home – one we really love! That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’re packing and moving across town. That stinks!

But in the midst of this, we’ve had a few things happen:

We visited Franklin Park Conservatory last week for National Public Gardens Day.

We LOVE Franklin Park Conservatory! On this visit we had the privilege to spend some time with Bill Dawson learning about composting. Mr. Dawson is the Director of the Conservatory’s Growing to Green Program. An impressive, knowledgeable, and very kind man!

He gave us a lot of great information about how to compost on our kind of homestead (*ahem*… in a subdivision. With neighbors. ) I’m going to write a whole post about what I learned. After I move.

He was also very encouraging. Even while he was kindly informing me I was behind on planting. Sigh… I know, I know. But we’re moving!

We also found a stockpile of canning jars at our local thrift store!

AND they were only .39 cents a jar! Ka-chow!

I can check that off my wish list! Now we’re saving our pennies to buy a pressure canner. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Lastly, we started going fishing.

So far we’ve only caught perch. Or so Hubs says. I wouldn’t know. He also tells me they are icky (my word, not his. He would hate to be quoted as having used the work “icky”). But they make my boy happy!

The city-girl in me is highly skeptical of this form of food provision. Right now I’m at: “it’s an enjoyable recreational activity.” Maybe my attitude will start to shift when we catch fish with potential for eating. Maybe.

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5 thoughts on “On the move…

  1. Cooking, moving and you managed a blog post somehow? Wonder Woman’s got nothing on you. Moving is a bummer, good that you found another place that you like so quickly though. Take us some pictures!

  2. Keep hunting around at yard/tag sales for the pressure canner. most folks don’t even know what they are, I picked up a perfectly good, like new one a few years back for 2$…
    Nice score on the jars too. Good luck with your move.


  3. you know, you never really get behind with gardening, because a real garden is never done. Enjoy what you do have, make the garden a fun, learning experience, be willing to create and take the time sit amongst the plants and breathe!
    Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed talking to you and meeting your family.
    *Bill Dawson

  4. Ah – Mr. Dawson. You’re too kind. 🙂 We really enjoyed chatting with you as well. And we are really enjoying learning about gardening! We’ve managed to get a few things planted too…progress!

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