RIP Little Seedlings

It’s a sad day. We’re feeling mournful over here. Maybe you should add in a dash of aggravated too.

Half of our seedlings died on us.

So did our celery.


We went into this expecting failures. We didn’t expect to take those failures so personally!

We will not be conquered! We’re replanting and trying again. Let’s see if we get it right this time!

Happy Homesteading. I think.


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16 thoughts on “RIP Little Seedlings

  1. 😦 So sorry! We had a similar trial with our microgreen sprouts – they went without water on Sunday morning and that was enough to do most of them in. Hoping to resuscitate as many as possible. Good luck with your replant!

    • Well, we took a weekend trip a couple weeks back. We watered them really well, and left them in a place with plenty of sun. We came home and they were looking puny, but seemed to be recovering fine. Then we woke up one morning and they were dead as could be. 😦

  2. Hi there. Just hang in there, due to “gardeners enthusiasm”, we always sow them too early anyway, so I’m sure there is heaps of time to start again! Cheers Sarah : o)

  3. Something about seeing them peek out of the soil for the first time that keeps us planting seeds isn’t there? Good luck and keep trying!

  4. That’s so sad! Our first year everything I planted died from damping off (when the part of the stem near the soil gets too wet and withers up and dies a sorry looking death.)

    I’ve had miserable luck with the plantable peat pots you have there. I find they suck all the moisture out of the soil, so if you’re not hyper-diligent with the water, you’ll find yourself in trouble in a hurry. The only thing that sorted it was using a wicking mat underneath them.

    Better luck next time, you’ll get there!

    • Yeah – we’ve been underwhelmed by the peat pots too. We’ve been happier with how our seedlings in our toilet paper tubes are working out! But even they are struggling. Not sure what’s going on with them.

      • That’s really weird. What stage are they at? Once they have their first true leaves you can start with liquid fertilizer. We’ve also had better success with seed starting mix that includes microizal fungi. (I have no idea how to spell it, but it helps!)

      • I usually start with a liquid organic fertilizer on the tomatoes once they have their first (true) leaves. We use a brand called “Orgunique” it’s 3-1-4 specifically for veggies.
        I find watering from the bottom makes a big difference – if you can set them in a tray and pour the water in there if you don’t have a wicking mat.
        Also with tomatoes, brush your hand through them whenever you walk by will help them develop strong stems.
        Some things just don’t like to be started inside or moved. We do lettuce, peppers, cole crops, tomatoes and onions and everything else gets planted straight in the ground.
        My hubby and I are both Organic Master Gardeners, if you ever have any questions feel free to drop me a line, I’m happy to help. 🙂 Better luck!

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