We’ve Arrived

The thought finally occurred to me: We’ve arrived. We’re homesteaders.

We enjoyed large slices of our homemade bread, spread with locally-sourced honey for breakfast today. I can’t tell you how immensely satisfying that was.

Then I set about doing laundry with my homemade detergent. And made more because it was just about gone. And hung our laundry on makeshift drying racks in the house, just for the fun of it.

Checking on our seedlings, I felt pride in their growth.

We’re having our homemade yogurt sprinkled with homemade granola (here’s the recipe I used) as part of our lunch.

We’re having some friends over for dinner so I got the 2 whole locally-sourced chickens ready to be roasted in the oven.

And then I set about to order some rennet from the internet. This is my next homestead project.  I REALLY want this one to go well. I love cheese way too much.


We’ve arrived.

We’re homesteaders!


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5 thoughts on “We’ve Arrived

  1. I just bought rennet too. My husband is wholly on board with trying to make our own mozzarella. Before you look on-line though, see if you can buy it at your local dairy. We have a cheese place close to home that sold us a small jar of it for only $3. Good luck. I hope to make some this week.

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