Use Everything

One of the mantras of homesteaders is “Use Everything.”

Making the most of every single thing is part of the homesteading mindset. It’s NOT a part of the normal American family’s mindset. This includes using reusable cans and jars like I do for my yogurt and peanut butter.


Or like saving all of the toilet paper tubes and egg cartons to start our seedlings.

This also means making the most of the food we have. We had friends over for dinner one Friday night so I roasted 2 whole chickens (from a local source!) for our dinner. There once was a time I would have just thrown out the bones when we were done. But NOW, because I’m a homesteader and all, I realized that those bones still had a “little life” left in them. I could make homemade chicken stock!

I found a great recipe at Skinny Taste. You just put the chicken bones, and all of the spices and leftover vegetables in a large stock pot and boil for several hours. Once done you strain the liquid off and remove the remaining chicken for other recipes. I chose to bag the stock and chicken and freeze it with plans to use it in the next couple of months. It can be frozen for around 3 months.

We’re still Happily Homesteading! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Use Everything

  1. I freeze stock longer than that and still use it.

    And along with the use everything idea – anytime I am chopping veg for dinner or lunches, etc., I keep the garbage bits and put them in a zip bag in the freezer. When I need to make stock, I have the veggie bits to put in it – onion peels, carrot ends, bits of anything – it all gets used up.

    Geez, no wonder the husband thinks I’m cheap.

  2. I don’t know how I lived without quart canning jars. I use them for everything now. We also save and reuse every glass or heavy plastic jar/container that food comes in. We spend a lot of time removing labels 🙂

  3. I’ve been seeing ideas all over Pinterest about using glass jars as drinking glasses. That might be the next thing I launch into.

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