We’ve Got Compost!

We’ve been looking at all these grandiose composters at Lowe’s. We’ve been looking at grandiose building plans online. And looked. And looked. And looked. But not doing anything about it.

Then one day hubs was grabbing lunch at a fast food sandwich place near his office and noticed they were selling pickle buckets for $2 a bucket. And the composter bucket was born! 😉

These things STINK! Even after a hosing down, and a hand washing they still smell. But hopefully that won’t leach into our compost. Cause that would be some STINKY compost! hahaha…

We found this video from Better Homes and Garden particularly helpful to know what we could include and should not include. It also explains how much we should include. Did you know it’s supposed to be 1 part green to 2 parts brown? Yeah, we didn’t either.


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4 thoughts on “We’ve Got Compost!

  1. I’m working on getting post-consumer compost started at my university, and I understand stinky compost! Try to imagine the compost of 2600+ university students, hehe….

    Do you keep those buckets inside, or outside? I imagine without a lid inside would be problematic. Even with a lid our compost at home sometimes has problems with bugs etc.

    • Compost of 2600 students…eww. We keep the buckets outside and they do have a lid, although it does not seal well. Hopefully we won’t have too much trouble with bugs.

    • 🙂 Thanks – I don’t know why composting was so intimidating to us. Glad we realized how simple it was. Can’t wait to start planting and using some of it. I hope it’s broken down enough to get some benefit from it!

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