Homesteaders Paint

Hi! I’m Anna.

I’m the oldest child in this house. And I asked if I could write a blog post (Mom’s going to fix my spelling errors. :))

I’m super excited about parts of this Homestead Experiment. Like the garden. I’m having a lot of fun watching the seedlings grow each day. My mom even let me plant my own box of seeds. I’m kind of in a contest to see if my plants grow faster than the others.

I’ve got tomatoes and peas growing. That middle row is supposed to be sweet peppers. Nothing is coming up there. I don’t know why. My friend’s dad said it’s because they need to stay hot or something. He said I need to put a heating pad under them to keep them more warm. I’ve never heard of doing that. But I guess I really have never grown anything from seeds so I guess that’s not a surprise.

I also like all the homemade food mom is making. I kind of like the yogurt. I really like the bread! It’s so yummy when it’s toasted and has honey on it. We buy our honey from a lady we met here who keeps bees. She has something like 100,000 bees or something like that! That would freak me out a little. I’m glad we can’t have bees at our house. Mom wishes we could. I’m okay with buying our honey from the lady.

Today we got to play outside. My sister and I decided to make “Homesteaders Paint.” That would be dirt and water. We used it to paint on our driveway. It was fun. And dirty. But the most important part was it was fun and free and all-natural! That’s the point, right?

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