Planting Seedlings

Last weekend the weather was downright balmy. So much so that we needed to get our fingers in the dirt. It’s seemed like the perfect combination for planting seeds! We’ve been saving empty toilet tubes since we began this experiment. And since we have grandiose plans for this garden of ours (heh!) we still didn’t have enough, so we went out and bought a package of peat pots. And since we don’t have composted soil (yet) we also bought organic soil.

Of course, this was the perfect opportunity for the kids to get involved. They had so much fun putting soil in each pot (and toilet tube) and poking seeds into all of the slots. We took special care to label all of our plants so we’ll have a clue what we’re growing. (It doesn’t look very balmy, does it? What with the kids bundled to their noses. ;))

This is, if we manage to get anything to grow. Because one week later, here’s all that we’ve got. Not much, eh?

Yay for radishes! Truth be told…I’m doubting our ability to grow vegetables from seed. We don’t have a light system, or a way to have a light system to keep them indoors. This means, we’re carting the boxes outside each and every day to get them the light they need. And then having to remember (operative term) to bring them inside each night. This first week we’ve managed to keep up with them. But we have to do this for 6 to 8 weeks! I’m not holding my breath this works out. But don’t tell hubs that I said that.

Happily Homesteading (I think)!


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9 thoughts on “Planting Seedlings

    • Oh – that would be a good idea! I might need to scrounge some materials and make one of those. Thanks for the link. 🙂 Have you begun planting seedlings yet?

  1. I’ve begun planting seedlings in a shoe holder- that’s hanging on my back door. I just planted herbs and they’re flourishing beautifully. They get the perfect amount of light and shade. It’s a great way to grow herbs. All the best on your growing!! Such a good idea to do with kids.

  2. A shoe holder? Now that’s a great idea!

    Johnny’s Seeds is a great place for beginners to get seed. Organic and heirloom seeds are available and they give a tested germination rate and give online spread sheet info on where, when, and how to plant each one for best results. Print and keep in a binder along with the master garden plan of where plants will go! 🙂 Our seeds from Johnny’s have had the best production too.

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  4. I’m new to ‘blogging’ but have been in the earth for many years now. Love to grow and I know I must share with others some of my knowledge so here goes(and please be patient with my ‘technologically-beleaguered’ outdated attempts ;0)
    I built a ‘kombucha’ closet from an inner small closet in the house for my wife to incubate and make the kombucha we drink(it’s a great health drink with many benefits for the whole body-check it out…) What I do to germinate seeds is to put them in a plastic baggie with a little moisture in it (and to make it easier to plant after they germinate, I first wrap them in a paper towel or napkin separated with a little bit of room of course , so that after they’ve germinated, I can just cut away each germinated seed and put it, paper and all, into my cardboard tube. The seeds don’t need any light or dirt to germinate, just moisture and warmth (no more than 85 degrees for most seeds) which is what the temperature that I keep the kombucha mushroom closet temp at. It works great for jumpstarting on the spring planting. PS If the soil temps are too cool to plant outdoors in, then keep the potted plants inside where they can get some light and warmth till it’s a little bit warmer to put them in the ground. blessings and love your ‘blog’. peace, Thomas

    • That’s a cool idea! I might try something like that for my next round of seedlings that I start. And I do know what kombucha is. We drink a water kefir regularly. 🙂 Thanks for visiting the blog! Hope you’ll keep coming to check out our progress.

      • I will (try) to check you out regularly, especially since you’re familiar with kombucha and , even kefir! Love ’em both. We make a milk kefir from pasteurized/homogenized store milk but since my cows are about to pop soon, we will be doing the raw milk kefir, butter, yogurt and my favorite, home made ice cream from raw milk – the best I’ve ever tasted! Thanks for the comment and hopefully I’ll be able to find you again (since I don’t know how I ‘found’ you at the beginning ;-(
        Perhaps, the universe of the Creator of all whom I like to call Yahuwshua (after the best research I’m able to understand about Jesus real name ;0) blessings, thomas

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