Everyday Cloth Napkins

I love family dinner. It’s important to me. It’s the time when our family sits down and talks about our day – what happened today, what we learned, and what we’re thinking about. Because hubs is a minister, this is sometimes difficult to achieve, but we do our best.

To me, an intrinsic part of family dinner is that the table looks nice. That the food is served in serving dishes, rather than left in their cooking pots and placed on the table. That we have our dinner plates out, and not plastic plates. And especially not disposable plates. {hehe…}

I have been using cloth napkins for a year or so now. But I have to admit they aren’t…pretty. They’re functional. And I decided I wanted pretty napkins! Rather than spending far too much money on store-bought napkins, I went to my Joann Fabric Store (coupon in hand, of course!) and bought 1 yard of the cutest material! One yard will make 4 napkins.

I chose a fairly thick cotton. I’m hoping it’s relatively sturdy. And absorbent.

I made sure to prewash it since it was cotton. I cut it into an 18 inch square. Right about now I wish I had a rotary cutter and self healing mat. I might need to add that to my growing homesteaders wish list.

Then I folded each corner down about an inch and a half. And then trimmed the point off , leaving about 3/4 inch.

Fold over each side approximately half an inch.

Then fold it over again to create your corners.

Repeat this process all the way around your napkin. You might have to adjust your folded hems a little to make your corners meet correctly.Β  Pin it to keep it folded. {wow! do my hands look like my moms!}

And sew around the hem!

And they are finished and ready for use!

I was able whip out 4 napkins in one evening.

These napkins should be relatively easy to care for. They can just be thrown into the laundry with your other kitchen linens. And if it happens to get a stain, just spray your stain remover on before washing it.

I’m feeling more and more like a homesteader!

Happy Homesteading!



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12 thoughts on “Everyday Cloth Napkins

  1. Those are very nice! And your table setting makes for an enjoyable meal with your family.

    I love cloth napkins – the ones we are using right now are red fabric squares that my mother-in-law sewed to set the centerpieces on at our wedding reception. Once I brought them back home I realized they were the perfect size and material type to use as cloth napkins!

  2. that is awesome! your table looks amazing. uhm, yeah… my table never looks like that! lol you may have inspired me though. to try for that. at least once a week. πŸ˜‰

    • once a week is a great start. And my table doesn’t always look that put together. At the very least I have a tablecloth on the table, and I use my dishes. Even that makes for a nice family dinner.

  3. Julie….I’ve been ONLY using cloth napkins for decades now (I’m an “older woman”), and STILL get comments and compliments on such simplicity!!! πŸ™‚

    You mentioned in your post here that you “hope” the fabric will be absorbent. So…be sure (when you wash them…along with towels & rugs) to NOT put fabric softener or dryer sheets in the load. F. softener & sheets adds a “finish” to the fabric which causes them to NOT be “as” absorbent.

    If you are at all a rummage sailor :-)… or secondhand shopper… you can always find LOTS of cloth napkins (and nice ones, too!) for MUCH less than buying new.


    God’s blessings on your adventures. We moved 18 months ago, from a very sweet little 5-acre farmette in WI (hub lost his job), where we had a small flock of laying hens and a couple head of cattle & porkers and rabbits (for meat). One thing to learn about “homesteading” is EVERYTHING pulls its own weight. So, we didn’t have any “pets” (other than our two cats and dog–and even THEY had “jobs”–mousing and patrolling the premises).

    Be careful IF/WHEN you get animals, that you instill in your children, that animals are “livestock” and meant for food and the family table (if they are). We named our steers and piggies, to keep straight which we were talking about, but gave them “funny” names (rather than people-y names like George or Frank)…. like Bubbles, Sparky, (steers), Old Majesty, Slimbo, (roosters), Little Red Hen, and Henny (hens). Ham and Bacon, Petunia and Porky (piggies).


    May you have abundant food and enough to share!

    Deb in West Virginia

    • Hi Deb! I’m definitely from the younger generation that finds everyday cloth napkins out of the norm. πŸ™‚ And thanks for the washing advice. I actually don’t use fabric softener these days. Just some vinegar. That shouldn’t cause any problem should it?

      We’re doing this experiment as part of homeschool – we’re learning so much already! My daughters know that any animals we keep will be for meant for our provision. We’ll see how it goes when the rubber meets the road, though.

      Sorry you had to leave your homestead. Praying that God provided for your family in your time of need! And that you’re able to homestead in your new little patch that is home!

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