My Wish List – As Best As I Can Figure

Well, of course I’m new to this homesteading thing. But I do know quite a bit of supplies will be needed to pull it off. Most of which I don’t currently own. So I’ve been working on my wish list. And maybe I’ll start finding them at yard sales and in thrift stores in the next few months.

THIS POST UPDATED: December 17, 2012

  • Wood of varying widths and lengths – for building potato boxes, bean /pea trellises, shelving for cold storage, maybe a small greenhouse?, etc.
  • Plastic to make said greenhouse
  • Chicken wire – for…everything (think I could find chickens at a thrift store? hmmm…)
  • Canning jars/lids/rings
  • Pressure canner (anyone have an old one they just don’t use anymore???)
  • Waterbath canning kit
  • Large flower pots – for container gardening
  • Soaker hose(s)
  • Timer for soaker hose(s)
  • Woodworking tools – I want to BUILD something. Just to say I have. And can.
  • Galvinized buckets – 6 for my herb planters I’m planning
  • Large Stainless Steel bowls – for all the homemade food and cleaning products I’m going to make
  • Food Dehydrator – I want to make fruit leather. My daughter wants to make beef jerky. Ick.
  • Chickens – did I mention I want chickens?? Found out I can’t have ’em. Boo! 😦
  • Composter
  • Grain mill so I can grind my own flour

Hmmm…what else am I missing?

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21 thoughts on “My Wish List – As Best As I Can Figure

  1. I am sure you probably already know but just an FYI – be very careful about your canning lids. You really want to buy those new from a store, etc. The sealing wax can be very temperamental and if they aren’t new, haven’t been stored properly (too hot, too cold) are old, etc. it will cause the jars to not seal right and you could loose all your hard work very easily. The jars and rings can be from wherever but don’t skimp on the lids!

    • Yep. I did know this actually. I probably should have clarified that I’m looking for the jars. And need to buy the lids. πŸ™‚ Thanks though.

  2. The girls love beef jerkey. I know Bass Pro sells one but not sure how much it is. You might check online. Also, SAMS sells the stainless steel bowls in a set. You have a HUGE wish list Julie…..but I would expect nothing less! Loved the bread recipe. Now if we only had a 9 or 12 grain bread recipe…..

    • lol~is it huge? Thanks for the tip on the bowls. I’ll go check that out. And a multi-grain bread recipe…let me look around. I might be able to find one!

  3. I know there are people who recommend buying a 2nd hand pressure canner. I don’t, and here’s why. They, when heated and the weight is on,are, you guessed it, under pressure. If the pot has been dropped, if it is warped, or if there is a hairline fracture in the metal-all things than can, and do happen with pressure canners-things could go awry, and not in a good way, KWIM?

    Perhaps it is me being too cautious, but I believe that saving for a new one, is a better plan. Mine was just under $140, plus taxes, and in 1 year, figuring what I saved by canning my own veggies, soups, and meats, it paid for itself in grocery savings.

    Now, for waterbathing? Keep an eye out at your local thrift store, any flea markets/garage sales, or church sales. Often the pots/racks and jar lifters can be found as a set very inexpensive. How cheap you ask? My 2nd WB pot, with 4 racks, funnel, jar lifter and magnet wand for lids cost me a whopping $2 at a church sale.YMMV. πŸ™‚ Good luck getting the things on your wish list!

      • Ooo – and I’m going to start celery in a bowl like you did! I’ll be interested to see if this works. πŸ™‚

      • Since I’m in Canada I bought mine from Canadian Tire:

        I purposely went with a weighted canner, because the only place to have gauges tested here is a welding supply store. You should have gauges tested once a year to make sure they are still accurate, BTW. My problem with that is my Hubby is a welder. So a trip to the welding supply store with him is like taking a sugared up toddler to Toys R Us and letting them run loose with a credit card. In other words, a very very bad idea. πŸ˜‰

      • Okay, the link doesn’t want to work, but if you check out their page, and search “pressure cookers” you’ll come up with the 22 qt pressure cooker-it is actually a pressure canner.

      • First – I must say, β€œYAY! Someone in Canada read our blog!” πŸ˜€

        And I don’t blame you one bit about avoiding the welding supply store. hehe

        And lastly, good information to know. I will keep my eyes peeled for a good sale on a *new* pressure cooker. Thanks!

  4. Let me know when and what y’all want to build and we will bring tools down and give you a hand! I can also bring my wheat grinder for you to see. Have you picked out your breed of chicken yet? You know you could make one of those movable coops that wouldnt be permanent.

  5. Your pressure canning comment about where to buy .. (I’m in Canada also) but I used it had the best price and the best reviews.

    I’m a huge water bath canner and pretty much can everything but the pressure canner is still waiting for me to crack open. I’m a tad freaked out.. But it will be done..

    I’m not sure if you’ve canned before, but the best book that is well my “bible” or go to book is Ball’s canning book. After 5 years it is still my go to book, if I can’t create my own recipe or haven’t dealt with an ingredient before..

    As for chickens, I would love them too (my neighbours not so much) so we have found a great local chicken farmer who shares my beliefs. Sometimes homesteading in the city, does need some compromise. 😦

    Can’t wait to continue reading your adventures.

    • I’ve never canned before…and I am also a tad freaked out. BUT I am also determined to do it anyway. I’ve done some water bath canning. But I don’t really have the proper set up so it’s always harder than I think it should be. And that’s a GREAT idea to find another homesteader or farmer to help me raise some chickens! I’m going to start looking for that. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

      • A really great website to follow would be The amount of awesome recipes and great tips are pretty fabulous..

        Have fun!

    • Oooh, once you start with the pressure canner, you’ll be hooked. It opens up so many possibilities for canning, and they are so easy to use! I use mine more than the water bath. I’ve even gone to doing my tomato sauce in it. We had a ridiculous heat wave last year, and I had over 100 lbs of tomatoes out of the garden, and gosh, I was not boiling water in an already over heated house!

      My favorite things to do though are soups, and meats. Soups are very basic-broth, meat, carrots, celery, onions garlic and seasonings. That way, when I open a jar, I can dress it up however the family wishes…add corn, or peas, or whatever veggie they like. Toss in potato chunks or pasta shapes. I can leave it a thin soup, or pour into a well browned roux for a hearty stew. On a busy night, I can have a stew on the table, ready to eat, in the time it takes to bake a pan of home made biscuits and make a salad. With no scary ingredients, like store bought can of stew. πŸ™‚

      *nods* I did notice that Amazon does have some great deals on pressure canners, but, I don’t online shop, so CT it was for me! Sadly, they were the only ones who had pressure canners in store.

  6. Jenn – I have spent hours on the Food in Jars website! Love it! And I can’t wait to have some food. To put in jars. πŸ˜€

  7. Chickens.. Most towns don’t have a problem with you having a few laying hens, the problems arise when your rooster is crowing at 3am.. So.. avoid getting a rooster πŸ™‚

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