Raised Garden Beds…a Grocery Expense?

Think: Mr. Roark, “Fantasy Island”, and, most importantly, Tattoo’s “De plane! De plane!”

They’re here! They’re here.

Jim from Triple Braided Farm Products delivered two beautiful raised garden beds this afternoon. Yes, it’s a bit cold outside to start planting…There’s snow on the ground, after all. But we are stoked to have them. As Julie mentioned, we live in a rental and can’t go digging up the lawn to plant a garden.

Oh, and did I mention we live in a rental? We’re not sure how LONG we’ll actually live here. Just one year? Maybe it’s another two or three or four years, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (That’s for my eleven-year-old, who recently watched The King and I…claaaasic!)

Unfortunately, the couple of gardens we’ve planted in our time have been left behind due to a job relocation. And, with the possibility that we could someday move, we really do not want to lose our investment. The answer…a portable garden! Yes, they will be MUCH heavier once they’re full of soil and plants, but I have no doubt they’ll be able to make a move when the time comes.

Crazy as it sounds, I’m going to put the purchase of the raised garden beds under a grocery expense for our budget tracking. That’s where I put the seeds Julie mentioned the other day when she first mentioned the garden beds. Both are investments that should reduce our overall grocery expense. Of course, any finance/accounting folks out there will say: “But, Shelby, you need to capitalize the investment in the garden beds!” True. I definitely expect these things to last awhile. But come on, folks. I’m just thrilled my well-outdated, yet still-operational, version of Microsoft Money runs on Windows 7.

My upcoming homesteading project will be something to feed my CDO. (For those who haven’t heard the joke, that’s OCD alphabetically!) I get to build a couple of planters for things that you don’t want to mix with everything else—like ONIONS! I’m also going to figure out winter sowing and put together a crate for growing some seedlings. And, somewhere along the way, construct a composter.

Glad to have you along for the ride. Happy homesteading! —Shelby


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