A Couple of Firsts: Blogging and Watching the Movie Food, Inc.

This post reflects two monumental events…

My first first is my very first blog post…NOT just for The Homestead Experiment…LITERALLY my first blog post!!!

My second first is my first foray into the homestead experiment. By the way, I’m “Hubs” in case you were wondering. My name is Shelby.

JulieAnn, or as I’m privileged enough to call her, Julie, and I spent a nice quiet evening curled up on the sofa, in front of the not-exactly-roaring, gas-log fireplace, watching a documentary film.

No, it wasn’t the unearthing of King Tut’s Tomb or Al Capone’s Vault. And, if it didn’t hold the mystery of these, it certainly hit much closer to home. What was the name of the film?, you ask…

Food, Inc.

This was one of the most fascinating and, yet, disturbing peeks into how and where the food we eat everyday makes its way “from seed to supermarket” and, ultimately, into our bellies.

Not since my 11th-grade American History class with Mr. Love (whose abundant lectures, along with my copious note-taking, destroyed my handwriting) have I been so challenged regarding “You are what you eat!” Believe me, I just about gave up peanut butter as a junior in high school. Do you have any idea what they allow in that stuff?

Check it out at your local library. But I recommend that big, juicy Outback Special beforehand. Because you may never have another!

Seriously, I’m looking forward to our family experiment. Part of what I’ll be doing is tracking the impact of homesteading on our family budget. Be looking for periodic updates on the impact on our family finances, positive or negative–after all, it is an experiment. With my next post, I’ll let you know what our family of five has spent on average each month. Then we’ll go from there.

Happy Homesteading! –Shelby


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7 thoughts on “A Couple of Firsts: Blogging and Watching the Movie Food, Inc.

  1. Watching that movie changed our lives, too. I don’t think I’ve had a convention steak ever since. Let us know if you guys find a closeby place that is doing a food co-op (beef, chicken, eggs, raw milk). We’ve been eating a lot of turkey because we can’t spring for the good stuff.
    And if you haven’t watched yet, check out SuperSize Me. (Just don’t watch it with the kids around because there are a few words and a scene of too much Morgan Spurlock.)

  2. The Blog world… ooohhh… Stacey told me that you guys were doing this and I was like… Wow! then I was… what is homesteading? I am trying to talk Stacey into letting me do chickens this summer. The kids want to do them… and I have the gardens started already… but want to do more. I used to make all of my own breads and everything from scratch… and then life and kids…

  3. We are doing a garden this summer… I have never done one but the hubby’s parents do one every year and so he was raised doing one.. Good luck and I look forward to reading all the blog posts and getting ideas!

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