Creative Gardening

Today we’re reading all kinds of books about gardens.

I’ve had 2 in our 16 years of marriage. They wouldn’t be described as “successful.”

And I’ve gotten some magazines to read.

Some decidedly more “earthy” than we would consider ourselves. Heh~

We’re trying to decide how far we’re willing to go with this experiment.

Ummmm – no.

There are many “simple living” principles we are already doing regularly. I’ll post about those another time. The garden, however, may very well be the biggest project for us. I grew up in the concrete jungle known as Philadelphia. Hubs grew up in suburbia with a postage-stamp sized yard. So we bring nothing to the table of experience.

What we do bring, is the general impression that any yield is worth the learning experience. I’m sure we’ll learn along the way what works and what doesn’t. And how much water is too much.  *ahem*

Our biggest challenge with planting a garden that is bigger than just a hobby garden is that we live in a rental home. I don’t suspect (and I’m not even going to ask) that my landlord would approve of the idea of plowing up any or all of the back yard so I can plant a traditional garden in rows. Or even allow me to put in more than one raised bed garden.

So we are looking at all the options to generate enough yield without majorly changing the landscape of our yard. Things like:

  • container gardening
  • window boxes for herbs
  • vertical growing techniques
  • edible landscaping
  • standing height garden boxes

I suspect we’ll employ nearly all of these methods to get the job done.

But I still don’t know enough about the various fruits and vegetables that will grow in my part of the country. So…I’m off to learn about that now.

Happy Homesteading!



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11 thoughts on “Creative Gardening

  1. I just found your blog on Pinterest and I LOVE it! My family (i.e., husband and three kids) are moving to 15 acres in a nearby county this summer–we’re building a house. Well, I’m a suburban princess and moving to the country frightens me a tad. ok a lot. So, I am very interested in following your journey and learning a thing or two before we get out there. Congratulations in taking charge of your own food! That’s awesome! 🙂


  2. Thanks Stephanie! And I might be a little jealous that you’re moving to a 15 acre plot. Ok a lot. 😉 Glad you’re going to stick around. This ought to be interesting!

  3. Remember that there have been a lot more garden and container plants ‘loved’ to death with to much water and fertilizer than neglect!

    Hint: Don’t worry about plants looking stressed at 5pm, look at them at 7 or 8am, if they did not recover during the cool of the night then decide if watering is needed.

    Dig down a full 2 inches or more, if the soil is still damp in the plants root zone, watering is not needed.

  4. Thank you for that advice! You caught on that I have watering troubles, eh? 😉 I always seem to water too much. Or not enough. So I’m hoping to figure out how much is just right.

  5. I’d never had a successful garden until last year when I bought “Square Foot Gardening.” I see it in your top picture. We got more cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes than I was able to process.

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